Saturday, August 18, 2007

back at birla

didnt really expect i'd be able to post while in coll, but looks like wonders never do cease after all :) somehow, im finding it a lot harder writing in campus than while at home,maybe cos i rarely sit alone to think and write. possibly that might change soon, now that i finally have a laptop. the sheer number of ppl around has meant im always (as jobless as ever, ob) in someone else's room or the usual sit-around(s) in the campus during the "walks" we religiously take (of course, in this season, theres a lot more sitting around in sheltered places than walking). the surroundings in the hostel are such a stark contrast to home, where im at my widest awake when everyone else is fast asleep. that, of course, never does happen here. no matter what the time, there are always rooms with lights on, there are always ppl online on gtalk(besides the ones with 'zzz' type status msgs, duh), and dc of course never sleeps(the joys of dc, im yet to actually discover, i confess. still havent installed it, DONT ask me why).
its only been 2 weeks since the beginning of the sem but as usual feels like soo much longer. how time flies!!

how i love this weather, the goa-special monsoon that has a mind of its own - the sudden downpours, so often right in between spurts of bright sunshine... little puddles... the grey clouds captured by soo many of those omnipresent cam-phones... deliberately getting drenched by walking in the pouring rain for half an hour (and escaping all possible side effects)... curling up under a warm blanket and drifting off peacefully with the rain lashing at your windows... full-hand kurtas... coffees overruling iced teas at nescafe... the campus looking so greeen (kinda wild here n there, in fact)... ive never been a nature freak but this time of the year, everything just looks soo beautiful, esp on my new, 2 mpi, 16.7- million-colours nokia 6300 :P
mondays ok, but why would rainy days bring u down??? am guessing that Carpenters woman never heard of the goa rains. the only downside is that clothes r always damp. also, ur quite prone to slip n fall, esp if ur late for class(ob, how can u get up on time in this weather??) and are hurrying across the, um, rugged b wing square (or watever) with its rather unusual design, the purpose of which stymies many.

and of course, there are all the other components of the wet spell semester to smile about as well- flying squad(im still not sure why its called that), new clubs, new mess contractor (finally) :D, soon-to-start french classes, elections round the corner(always a source of great entertainment for those away from the limelight), after that Zephyr and the inter-hostel storm it brings with it. and the usual resolutions i make ranging from buying fruits(and eating them) to reading the newspaper regularly to sleeping less for gods sake.. and maybe a lil more on the academic front as well - maaybe ill actually learn something this sem that ill remember next sem. yes, its the '3rd year!', 'CDCs!', 'placements' .. effect. ah well. dont wanna include all that here now.

but in the meantime, i shall sign out, hoping, as vaish wrote, good things are just round the corner. adios